After working with Allison on my visual branding, I knew it would be beneficial to learn more about implementing my brand identity into everyday marketing materials that could fit into my DIY content creation process.

Allison's guidance on using the key design principles has helped me create branded social media graphics and blog post templates that perfectly fit my audience! Her examples are top-notch and every lesson inspires you to try a new design technique. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to enhance their everyday marketing!

Copywriter + Website Strategist

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AllieMarie DesignComment

I joined Design Spirit (with zero knowledge of graphic design) right as I was about to launch my new business. Allison has such a warm, inviting manner — she makes graphic design feel approachable and fun. Her clear, detailed lessons were invaluable as I dived into choosing a defined color palette and creating consistent design elements. Although web design is not a specific focus of the course, I leaned heavily on Allison's lessons as I put together my new website. I will absolutely be revisiting the course in the future as I continue to refine my materials!

Freelance Editor

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AllieMarie DesignComment

Design Spirit is amazing. Allie's teaching style using video and real-life examples makes it so easy to comprehend and understand the content. I love that I get to see the process she goes through with her clients to create those amazing visuals and understand the principles behind her decisions.

This course is a game-changer and I can't wait to get to creating more visuals for my own business!

Marketing Professional + Designer

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AllieMarie DesignComment