Helpful info + details about my website design service


What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is a wonderful website platform and host that I use to design websites for clients who are looking for a professional, elegant and simple website. Sites are all template-based but customizable, so we can stylize the site using your visual branding elements, colors, fonts, etc.

On the technical side of things, Squarespace builds all known SEO best practices into every site, which gives your site a leg-up in the Google world without too much extra work. All sites are responsive as well (meaning they look lovely on desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone screens!) and very user-friendly for maintaining.

Overall, Squarespace is perfect for small businesses and non-profits that crave a simple, easy-to-navigate site with basic functionality. I recommend it to most clients who come my way for a new visual brand!

Why do you use it?

For all the above reasons! Due to the nature of Squarespace's beautiful, clean templates and designer-friendly platform, the process doesn't involve too much fancy shmancy coding. Therefore, I'm able to offer my clients quality, modern, beautiful website designs at an affordable cost, and focus on what I do best -- design!

Squarespace is also my web platform of choice because my clients love it and the drag-and-drop system make it easy to update the site on your own. My website design package comes with a Squarespace Training session with me, to ensure updating text, adding images, blogging, etc. won't be stressful going forward.

What else should I know about Squarespace?

  • Squarespace has flexibility with their given templates and I can make many desired changes happen. However, this isn't a custom website design service. You can expect that your site will look similar to the template you choose (check out their template demos here) with your visual branding incorporated and your content placed.

  • All Squarespace hosting plans come with one custom domain name. If you already have a domain name registered, I will help you direct it to your new site as a part of my service. Learn more about Squarespace's hosting plans here.

  • If you need a lot of special functionality and customization with your new site, Squarespace may not be a good fit for you. If that's the case, I'd be happy to pass along the name of a talented web designer/developer who can create a custom website based on your specific needs.

How does your website design process work?

I like to keep website design simple around here, while also approaching this part of our project with intention.


Before you book with me, we will discuss your website needs and ensure Squarespace is the right fit for your business. If it is and we agree to move forward, we will start with developing a custom visual brand for your business, which I do with all my clients. This sets us up for success when we get to the website phase of our project, since we’ll have your brand style guide (colors, fonts, logos, marks, and other visuals) finalized and ready to go. It’ll also help us ensure the visuals on your site have intention and meaning behind them, since we will have gone through my Brand Discovery process at the beginning of our collaboration!

See my Branding Packages + Pricing Guide for details about all that’s included in my packages. Specifically look at the “Voila Package” page for the branding + website package info).


In preparation of the website design phase, you’ll complete a website planning workbook. This a.) helps you know what copy, photography, email marketing set-up, etc. needs you have — all of which are to be complete before we begin the site design and b.) helps me know what you’re looking for in a website. Then, we’ll meet to discuss our plan for the site, map out general site outline and a strategy, etc.


Then we’ll start designing! I’ll design your site right in Squarepace using your visual branding elements -and- the copy and photography provided by you. We will go through up to 2 design revisions, during which we can tweak the flow, change calls to action, swap out photos, etc. Then I’ll send you a final review before we launch and once it’s approved, I’ll do some finalizing and a few SEO-related tasks before we launch (to get you started on the right foot!).


After receiving approval, I will connect your domain to your new website and… cue the confetti… it will be live! Time to celebrate!


I offer one week of tech support, starting the day your website launches. During this week, I also offer a thorough live training session with you, to teach you how to maintain the site on your own. I’ll provide a link to your recorded training session within a personalized Website Guide (which includes further Squarespace resources for you!) before we wrap up!

My goal is for you to be able to manage your website on your own, which I pinky promise is very doable with Squarespace! However, if you ever should need my assistance, I’m more than happy to help! If that time comes, you can simply reach out and we can discuss your needs, timeline, and a design estimate.