I'm so excited to start our collaboration

Scroll down for info on getting started with the project management tool we’ll use and your client homework! PLUS some tips and things to think about to help you plan ahead and ensure a successful launch of your new brand! 



First, get acquainted with our project management tool…



Asana is the project management tool we’ll be using throughout our time together. It will help us stay organized and ensure all moving pieces are in one place — from uploaded proofs to your feedback notes to our project timeline.

We’ll use Asana to:

  • View our entire project from start to finish, along with when you can expect to hear from me/see designs or when feedback/tasks are due from you

  • View all rounds of design work and give feedback on design proofs

  • Upload important documents

  • Communicate about your project (questions related to the design process, feedback, file uploads/downloads, etc.)

  • Stay organized! Everything from our uploaded proofs and your feedback notes, timeline, and various moving pieces will be in one place.


Check your email inbox for an invite to our project. Then, please make a (free!) account, log in and click on our project in the left column. The quick tutorial below will help you get oriented and learn how we will use it during our project! Let me know if any questions come up :)


Two additional things to know:

  1. Any comment added or file uploaded to Asana will result in an email notification (e.g. when I add a comment to a task and tag you, you will receive an email notification). When you receive this notification, you can:

    • Simply reply to that email, in which case the comment will be added to the comment section within that task.

    • OR you can follow the link in the email which will take you into Asana where you can reply.

    Regardless, I do recommend you log into Asana occasionally during our project, to make sure you’re up-to-date on our timeline and ensure nothing has been missed!

  2. Asana also has an app for IOS and Android, which will send you notifications, too!





Doing some business soul searching and gathering inspiration is the important first step in my creative process. Below is what you'll need to complete before we get begin our project... I promise it's fun! 

There are two parts to your Brand Discovery homework, both due by our project kickoff date:


1. Pinterest Board

Please make a Pinterest Board specifically for collecting inspiration for your new visual brand. When you're finished, the board as a whole should visually represent your business and your vision for your brand.

Suggestions on what to pin:

  • Photography with the overall mood and feel you want to convey

  • Photos representing your ideal client/customer’s lifestyle (i.e. how they decorate their home, their clothing + style, activities they enjoy, etc.)

  • Color palettes you like

  • Typography/fonts you're attracted to

  • Patterns/textures that match your business' vibe

When you're ready, add a link to the Client Homework task in Asana or if your board is secret/hidden find me on Pinterest here and invite me as a contributor to your board.

2. Branding Questionnaire

Designed to bring clarity and inspire, my Branding Workbook will ask you questions that go in depth with your business, goals and vision for your new visual brand. It also will help us get on the same page before we begin the design process, so we’re creating from a place of strategy and alignment.

Find a link to access your Branding Questionnaire inside the Client Homework task in Asana!




I want to make sure you feel confident and prepared when jumping into our collaboration!
A few things to think about in preparation for our project:


First, two helpful resources:

Before we begin, I recommend checking out my Resources page and reading this blog post about preparing for your rebrand.

Think About Photography

Going through a rebrand affects many different areas of your visual marketing… including the photography you use. Our direction for your visual brand design will help you determine the aesthetic and feel for your photography, but it doesn't hurt to start thinking about it now. Photography plays a big role in communicating your personality and brand online!

Lovely! Hiring a professional photographer for custom branding photos can really help you stand out in your market and take your visual marketing to the next level.

Start researching photographers now, find someone who's a great fit for you, and get on their schedule. Be sure to talk with your photographer about the timing of your shoot, when photos will be edited and delivered to you, etc. That way you can plan ahead for your launch!

Let me know if you'd like some referrals for local photographers!

I highly recommend Unsplash or doing a quick search for other stock photo sites to see what you find. Happy to point you in a more specific direction once we start our project!

Note: Be sure you understand the licensing of the photos you select (and purchase), to ensure you have permission to use them in the way you'd like.


Get pumped + prepared for your rebrand!

Check out these resources on my blog, curated with you in mind:


I'm SO excited to begin this journey together!

If you have any questions, get in touch with me and we'll set up a time to talk through things.