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  • small business owner with a sincere client-first mentality
  • non-profit making a difference in the world with your mission
  • startup with high energy and a deep belief in your innovative product
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AllieMarie Design Branding and Print Collateral for Small Businesses
Allison Burns  |  AllieMarie Design  |  Visual Branding + Graphic Design for Small Businesses with Big Hearts  |  Minneapolis, MN

I’m so happy to meet you!

Hi there! I’m Allison Burns, an experienced graphic and branding designer working from my cozy studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I specialize in creating beautifully designed visual identities and print collateral to help small businesses with big hearts elevate their marketing.

I founded my small design studio, AllieMarie Design, in 2012. While working on freelance graphic design projects, my love for my client work grew and in 2015, I made the heart-centered decision to leap into running my business full-time. It’s a decision I’d make all over again!

After working with 50+ small business owners, I’ve found my purpose not only in creating clean, minimal designs that effortlessly fit my clients, but also in educating them on how to easily implement our visual designs into their marketing strategy.

When we work together, you can expect a personal, one-on-one collaboration that digs into your vision and includes timelines that keep us right on track for your launch. Rest assured that I will be your one point of contact during our entire design process and here for support and guidance every step of the way.


AllieMarie Design Brand Styling and Graphic Designer in Minneapolis Minnesota

I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BFA in graphic design and BA in journalism with a minor in French, because why not?

After spending a summer studying abroad in Paris, I fell in love with the city and feel that “Paris is always a good idea.” (Thank you, Audrey Hepburn!)  

If I’m not designing, you can usually find me teaching dance classes and bonding with my spirited and hard-working students whom I adore.

My morning isn’t complete without a barre class and a cup of coffee (or three). If I’m out and about, I’ll grab a vanilla latte or mint white chocolate mocha from a coffeeshop in town. #TreatYoSelf  

My love for the stage extends from the ballet to seeing live theater performances here in the Twin Cities.

I’m as happy traveling to different corners of the globe as I am settling into my chair with a good book.

My favorite thing about my business is my clients! Their energy and passion for their own business fuels mine.



my core values

Service & Experience

Above all, I pride myself on giving my clients a one-on-one, personalized experience. I treat every design project as a fun collaboration, not a transaction, so I take the time to understand your exact needs before I start designing.

Effective Communication

Communication can make or break a project. With me, you can be sure it will make it that much more enjoyable. Your feedback and opinions are respected and encouraged in all stages of the visual branding process.

Inspiring Collaborations

I like to work with my clients rather than for them. In an equal collaboration, we’ll both be able to meet our timelines, create an incredible finished product, and enjoy every step along the way.


Genuine Client Relationships

Who wants all work and no play, right? When we collaborate, it’ll feel like we’re two friends chatting over coffee. I love learning what you’re passionate about inside and outside of your business. Note: if Gilmore Girls is on your list of passions, we may need to set up an extra coffee date to discuss all of the things.

Personal Fulfillment & Family

I find personal fulfillment in partnering with small business owners with big-hearted missions that fit my core values and doing so with a flexible schedule that gives me the freedom to prioritize my family too. I know this is the key to producing my very best design work.



I promise to infuse joy and intention into our collaboration. I promise to prioritize our scheduled deadlines, work within your desired timeline, and create a positive and collaborative environment we’re both excited about.

I’ve thoughtfully made every step of our design process, from collecting inspiration for your dreamy moodboard to selecting our favorite logo variation, a fun and exciting collaboration you look forward to.


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