Make a lasting impression before you even say a word.


Building a memorable brand in any industry takes more than a well-designed logo.

Branding is about knowing what connects with your target audience, authentically speaking to who they are, and genuinely gaining their trust and loyalty.



Visual branding is what brings your brand to life.

Whether you’re looking for your brand to feel as streamlined and polished as your client experience or as unique and innovative as your product, your visual branding needs to convey the right emotion through an intentional and unified blend of colors, fonts, textures, white space, and refined design elements.

My visual branding process is designed to help you clarify your brand vision and strengthen your brand’s foundation before we create your visual brand identity for a more holistic, heart-centered approach to branding.

If you’re in search for a trusted design partner who:

  • has a clean, minimal design aesthetic

  • prioritizes personalized one-on-one client experiences above all else

  • honors your opinions and feedback in the design process

  • can give guidance well beyond design in the branding process

...we may be the perfect fit!


I’m Allison Burns, the visual branding and graphic designer behind AllieMarie Design.

I collaborate with small business owners with big hearts (like you!) to create beautifully designed visual identities and print collateral to help you elevate your marketing.

Equipped with a BFA in graphic design, a depth of experience working with 50+ small businesses in various industries, and a library of glowing client testimonials, I’m as excited to collaborate on your brand’s visuals as you are!


Before we collaborate...

Here are a few things you can expect from my design process:

  • A fun collaboration since you know your business best and design is my expertise. Let’s work together and create something amazing!

  • Inspiring "client homework" you’ll actually look forward to.

  • Intentional project timelines because our time as business owners is precious and accountability is key.

  • Good communication so we’re both on the same page throughout the process to create the best designs possible.

Kind Words from a Lovely Client | Testimonials for AllieMarie Design


THANK YOU! Working with you was the best thing I’ve done for my business and my own personal growth. Your work goes so far beyond graphic and website design. You’re like a heart-centered psychic storyteller who brings unique visions to life and empowers your clients to take their businesses to the next level.

Not only do I have a gorgeous, strategically designed visual brand and website that showcases the heart and intent behind my business... I’ve also come away with a renewed vision, confidence, excitement, and a clear direction!
— Jill Wichner, Copywriter and Content Strategist


All my client collaborations begin with visual branding.

Choose a package to start with and customize from there!


Perfect for startups, nonprofits, and small business owners with clear brand vision who are ready for a new visual identity to reflect their vision.


Perfect for small business owners and established organizations looking for a fresh, new visual identity with select print collateral and web imagery.


Perfect for small business owners and established organizations ready to invest in a complete new visual identity and a clean and modern Squarespace website.


a little about my DESIGN process

Discover and Inspire | AllieMarie Design Branding Process


First, let’s dig into your brand foundation! I want to learn about your business/organization, mission and vision, big picture goals, target audience, and overall personality and style. We’ll also gather visual inspiration and solidify our direction for your new visual brand.

Design and Develop | AllieMarie Design Branding Process


Then we start designing! We’ll begin with logo concepts and then continue to develop and add depth to your visual styling with secondary marks, patterns, textures, and more. We'll revise and refine everything to perfect every detail —collaboration is key! The final result will be a thoughtful and cohesive library of design elements that authentically speaks to who you are.

Implement and Grow | AllieMarie Design Branding Process


After finalizing your brand stlying, we bring things to fruition. Depending on your project, this may involve designing accompanying collateral pieces, launching a Squarespace website, coordinating with printers for your print pieces, etc. The goal is depth and consistency — your brand deserves attention to detail to ensure it’s beautifully and thoroughly represented.



Kind Words from a Lovely Client | Testimonial for AllieMarie Design


I never expected to be so lucky to find Allison and her services! She is extraordinarily talented and very supportive, openly sharing her knowledge and expertise throughout the process (which is invaluable to small business owners like me)! With a collaborative approach, Allison had a genuine interest in understanding my perspective and week by week, each delivery from her contained ever more beautiful visuals. I continually felt re-energized watching my business come to life!

You make it feel very enjoyable and easy, Allison. You make branding human.
— Enda Brennan / Owner of Rua Creations


Frequently Asked Questions



Q1. I've never worked with a graphic designer before. How does this work?

Don't worry one bit! Before we start our project, I will walk you through the entire process to ensure you feel comfortable and confident moving forward. Many of your more detailed questions may be answered within these FAQs and also above on this services page. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.

And once we kick off our collaboration, I will be here for guidance every step of the way. Not sure if you're ready to invest in a professional designer? Read this blog post about this very topic!

Q2. How do I know if we're a good fit?

I’m so glad you asked! Finding someone you jive well with is key to a successful collaboration and lovely final product.

I enjoy working with many different small business owners and my creative process is a good fit for various industries. I also understand that my soft, clean aesthetic (with a slight feminine flair!) isn't a perfect fit for everyone. That's why I ask anyone who's interested in working with me to browse through my portfolio to ensure your vision and my style is a good match.

I also highly recommend you visit my Let's Work Together page, to be sure my philosophy and creative process resonates with you. If you're not interested in doing any client homework, working within a set timeline and collaborating with a designer, then we may not be a good fit.

For more tips on finding a graphic designer who is a right fit for you, Check out my blog post on this very topic -- I hope it's helpful!

Q3. How does payment work?

For most design services, I require a 50% non-refundable downpayment to officially book your project in my calendar. The remaining 50% will be due upon completion of the project, before final delivery of files. Visual Branding Packages have specific payment terms -- view my Branding Packages + Pricing Guide to learn more.

Q4. Will you assist with the printing process?

Yes! If we’re working together on print collateral, I'm happy to assist with the printing process to help ensure the final product is exactly how you imagined it. I have a handful of fantastic printers I can recommend to you, ranging in price and services (a couple of my faves are listed here). If you have a go-to printer you’d like to use for your project, I’d love to work with them as well.

Q5. How many revisions do I get?

Branding packages have set revisions included. For custom projects outside of branding packages, we'll agree upon a number of revisions for your project and I'll incorporate that into your design cost estimate. To help us stay focused and be efficient, I generally suggest 2-3 revisions total. Additional revisions beyond what is agreed upon will be billed at my hourly rate, as noted in our signed agreement.

Q6. What can I expect for a turnaround time?

After discussing your needs, wants and ideas, I’ll have a better idea of the scope of your project and the time involved. From there, we’ll put together a reasonable timeline that works well for both of us and aligns to your marketing deadlines as best as possible. View my Branding Packages + Pricing Guide to see estimated timelines for branding projects, starting from our Project Kick-off Date (not the date you book).

Q7. When can we get started?

Contact me to find out! I will always try to help you meet your personal and/or marketing deadlines. However, when we can start the design process all depends on the nature of your project and how far out my project schedule is currently booked. I'm typically booked out 1-2 months in advance.... so the sooner you can get in touch, the better!

Q8. Why not just a logo?

Although your logo is an undeniably important staple to your visual identity, your visual brand needs and deserves more. Your brand has depth, just like your personality has depth, so your visual identity should be versatile and give you a consistent library of design elements that will keep things interesting and fresh for both you and your audience. That's why my design packages include not only a striking and memorable logo, but also logo variations, submarks, watermarks, patterns and textures, and more. Learn more about why "just a logo" just isn't enough.

Q9. Should I invest in professional photography for my project?

Short answer: Yes! Using professional photography can make a huge difference in your marketing and help bring you to the next level. I'm happy to put you in touch with a wonderful photographers who are within my network (I have a handful of referrals for you if you’re in the Twin Cities and some across the country too!). Hint: Always look at a photographer's portfolio before hiring them, to be sure their style will jive with yours!

I can also share some great stock imagery resources if you'd like to purchase images for your marketing use.

Q10. I see you design websites in Squarespace. Do you design on any other platforms?

At this time, I only offer Squarespace site designs. I find this platform fits the needs of most of my clients and allows me to keep design costs down for the small businesses I love to work with. Read more about Squarespace and why it's my platform of choice.

That being said, I understand Squarespace isn't the right fit for everyone. If that’s the case for you, I’m happy to connect you with a designer/developer I have a relationship with who works on other platforms (Wordpress, etc.) and can create a fully custom site for you with special functionality and unlimited possibilities. I’ve had other clients work with me on their visual brand first and then I assisted with sending all your logo and visual branding files to the website designer/developer, for a smooth transition to the next phase in your branding journey!

If that sounds fantastic to you, I'd love to talk more and connect you to some amazing people.