Enhance your marketing by unleashing your Design Spirit


Your relationship with design is a little complicated. (Okay, a LOT complicated…)

No matter how many times you tinker with your design, something always feels slightly… off.

Staring at it from different angles doesn’t help (you already tried that!), but you can’t pinpoint where your design went wrong.

Do you go back to the drawing board, tweak the design for a few more hours, or raise a white flag and send out an SOS call (after grabbing a much needed glass of wine)? There’s a better option.

I want to rescue you from this design fog by teaching you how to design efficiently and cohesively without needing to break your budget or sacrifice hours from your already packed schedule.

You don’t need to hire a professional designer when you understand how professionals see design.






even with a DIY-er budget



and say goodbye to feast or famine mode



by becoming the top-choice in your saturated industry



and go from waiting on leads to a full client waitlist



and stop tirelessly tinkering with your designs



knowing that your visuals look cohesive and consistent



and it can be learned by any entrepreneur in any industry


from a lovely Design Spirit Student

Headshot: Alex VandeHei, Design Spirit student

As a web designer I like to think I have a decent eye for design, but I was never professionally trained. This course was perfect to learn the technical aspects of design and Allie explains everything so eloquently. In addition, the templates she provides are AWESOME and the feedback she gave me inside the Facebook Group on one of my new design pieces was invaluable.

I highly recommend this course to anyone! Whether you have no design experience or you just need to brush up on some design best practices, Design Spirit is for you!

Web Designer + Owner of HeiPro Digital



You don’t need to go back to university or buy expensive software to learn how to design like a professional.

You can exercise your Design Spirit exactly where you are. There are no prerequisites to this course, other than a willingness to learn and a passion for enhancing and elevating your visual brand presence.

Think of this as a self-paced course that acts as a trusted shortcut for busy entrepreneurs (like you!) who want to create result-driven, aesthetic-enhanced designs. 


Design Spirit

helps small business owners with big hearts execute their vision by utilizing expert-approved techniques and design principles.


Design Spirit isn’t like other design courses.

Rather than teaching you how to create a one-time logo or moodboard, Design Spirit helps you fully understand the method professional designers use to create any visual element you need in business. From project proposals to social media graphics to client presentations, you’ll know how to use the principles of design to look consistent and cohesive across any platform. In the course, I will also teach you how to make strategic design selections based on your target audience so you can make a great first (and lasting) impression.


Design Spirit is for entrepreneurs who:

  • feel like their design doesn’t accurately communicate what their services or products are worth

  • struggle to understand the “why” when selecting fonts, colors, patterns, and other design elements

  • don’t understand how to create a consistent, cohesive look in all of their marketing materials (but really want to!)

  • can’t stop tinkering with their design and want to confidently make decisions about how they are marketing their business 

Design Spirit not for entrepreneurs who:

  • already feel confident about every aspect of their design and deeply know the principles of design

  • are only looking for specific software tutorials (the course lessons can be applied to any program!)

  • don’t want to touch any aspect of their design (it’s best to outsource it then!)

  • have no interest in learning the “why” behind strong, effective design


Who was Design Spirit created for?

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Designing with Intention + Clarity

We’ll begin by helping you gain clarity on what you need to have nailed down before we dive into the technical side of design, which will include:

  • Setting Actionable Goals for Your Design

  • Understanding Your Target Audience

  • Creating an Enticing Call-to-Action

  • Knowing Your Design Parameters

  • …and more!


The Principles of Design + Composition

Understanding the “why” behind design comes before the “how”. In this module, you’ll learn why experts enhance their visuals with these core principles of design.

We’ll cover:

Hierarchy + Emphasis / Proximity + Grouping / Alignment / Contrast / Negative Space / Repetition + Similarity / Balance / Unity + Variety


Creating Consistent + Cohesive Visuals

With the design principles in mind, I will guide you through the process of creating a consistent visual aesthetic throughout all of your marketing materials. This is where it gets fun! You’ll learn:

  • Curating Visual Inspiration

  • The Basics of Color Theory + How to Use Them Effectively

  • Typography + Creating a Font System

  • Assembling a Style Guide



The Design Process

Let’s put everything together by bringing each principle of effective design to life! Your design will only be as successful as your process, so I will be helping you:

  • Define Your Creative Design Process

  • Rare Peek Inside My Signature Process

  • Understand How to Break the Design Rules

(Psst… remember, you can use any software program for this step. Let’s get creative!)


Getting Organized + Being Efficient

Whether you’re a solopreneur or work with a growing team, knowing how to organize your files will help you stay efficient when DIY-ing your designs.

  • Steal My Streamlined System for File Organization

  • Know Your Color Codes + Optimizing for Web vs. Print Files

  • Creating Reusable Web, Print, and Social Media Graphic Templates (plus a few to get you started!)



When you become a Design Spirit student, you’ll have lifetime access to a private Facebook group of other like-minded entrepreneurs. You’ll also have the chance to sign up for regular “hot seat” opportunities and interact with Facebook Live streams where I’ll answer your questions about design.



Design Spirit comes with worksheets, exercises and guides with insightful prompts to help you put your new knowledge into action. Creating your day-to-day marketing materials has never been easier with these design principle-guided worksheets!



Get a rare look inside my design process to help you customize your process! You’ll learn how to use the principles of design in each step while adapting process to fit your unique needs. I’ll provide you with templates and video tutorials to show you how I design marketing materials.


I believe design is a learned skill.

When you have the right design approach, perspective, and instincts, you can create awe-worthy designs that are purposeful and strategic without having to drain your marketing budget. You don’t need professional training, certifications, or fancy software; you just need to cultivate a keen eye for design.

I’m passionate about connecting small businesses and entrepreneurs with their most ideal clients through elevated marketing and design. After designing professionally for 9+ years for over 50+ clients, I’ve compiled everything I know about design into Design Spirit, my signature course.

Inside the course, you’ll have exclusive access to the same framework I use to create marketing designs for everyday use. You’ll get a peek behind the curtain of what it really looks like to fuse the core principles of design.


Design Spirit will give you the tools, knowledge, and confidence to create beautiful, on-brand visuals that communicate your value before you say a word.  





  • spend less time tweaking your designs and more time on projects you love!

  • have the knowledge to create reusable templates that will help you design more efficiently

  • learn how to use the design principles to guide your fonts and colors

  • cultivate an eye-catching visual aesthetic your audience will love

  • have renewed confidence in what you offer and how it is being communicated through your visuals

  • understand design principles so you can use them in your favorite software - Canva, Photoshop, whatever!

  • feel empowered to create client proposals, presentations, and other marketing materials utilizing the design principles


from more lovely Design Spirit Students



and hello to a proven method you can learn and implement on your own schedule!


Frequently Asked Questions



Q1. Will you be teaching me how to design a logo and visual brand for my business?

Not really. This course focuses on the fundamentals of design, and my goal is to give you the tools to create better marketing materials, client communications, social media imagery, and beyond. Although we will dive into how cohesiveness and consistency in your designs can help increase the professionalism in your marketing as a whole (which naturally leads to a more refined visual brand) AND you will certainly develop skills that may assist you in creating your own visual brand… this is not a DIY branding course and we will not be covering how to design a logo, etc.

Q2. What about website design?

We will not cover website design specifically. We will be covering the fundamentals of design as a whole, which can certainly be applied to polishing up your website design or designing a new site for yourself! But keep in mind there are a unique set of skills and strategy involved in designing a successful website from the top down, and we won’t be diving into that in this course.

Q3. Do I need special design software to take this course?

No, you don’t need any special software to soak up the value of this course! In fact, I won’t be teaching you how to use ANY software -- you can apply these design principles, guidelines, and knowledge to any program!

I will provide you with templates for your Style Guide in Adobe InDesign and Canva, but you can easily recreate those in any desired program. I will also provide you with a list of awesome tools and resources that you can use to create beautiful graphics, marketing pieces, and communications for your business.

Q4. Do I need to complete this course in a specific amount of time?

Nope! Design Spirit will always be here for you, so you can take it at your own pace. You can go through one module at a time or dive in all at once -- whatever feels best to you. You have lifetime access, so feel free to revisit certain lessons and brush up as time goes on, too!

Q5. Are you available to give any individual feedback on my designs?

While I’m not able to give one-on-one attention through this course, I still deeply care about my students feeling confident and knowledgeable as they create polished designs of their own. Because of this, I’ve created a private Facebook Group as a complement to the course. Instead of giving individual feedback, I host monthly hot seat reviews so we can all learn together about design!

Q6. How much time will I need to dedicate to this course?

You can expect to spend about 6-7 hours taking in the course content. However, to get the most out of the experience, you will want to put in time putting what you’ve learned into action and practicing your design skills outside this course. And, you will most likely (and are welcome to!) refer back to the lessons as needed as you continue to develop your skills and cultivate your design eye.

Q7. Can I get a refund?

Because of the on-demand, instant access nature of online courses, I’m unable to give refunds once you purchase Design Spirit. If you’re unsure if this course is for you, feel free to contact me at and I’d be happy to answer your questions! I have a feeling you’re going to LOVE it. :)


A letter

from me to you

You’ve made it all the way to the bottom of this page which tells me two things: you’re a boss who loves to do your research (we’ll get along really well!) and you’re still not sure if right now is the time to invest in Design Spirit.

Prioritizing what you want to spend your limited marketing budget on can feel overwhelming at times, but think about what a more strategic design could do for your business.

It could help you…

  • attract ideal client leads and sell them on your offerings before they meet you

  • convert more leads into actual paying clients

  • cultivate a waitlist of clients who want to work with you

  • increase your pricing due to your waitlist (woo!)

  • generate more sustainable, profitable income for your business (the holy grail of entrepreneurship!)

Design Spirit will help you elevate your audience’s perception of your business by activating the core principles of design, which can be utilized in any marketing material you create from this day forward.

All you have to do is say YES to better design in less than time than ever before.

What are you waiting for? Come join us inside the course! I can’t wait to see you inside!