Branding Packages for Small Businesses with Big Hearts

Can I tell you a little story?

The most recent visual brand I designed was for the lovely Alyssa Guttendorf and her passion project Poised & Professional. I knew we'd work well together after reading her very first email to me and my instincts were definitely correct — it was a dream collaboration! What I didn't know is how this project would make me re-evaluate my visual branding offerings in the best way possible.

Let's start at the beginning.

Alyssa was referred to me by another wonderful lady, Jenna Redfield. Jenna is a fellow business owner here in the Twin Cities who specialized in styled branding photography for creative women (think beautiful flat lays, web banners, screen and print mockups, etc. -- learn more about what she’s up to now right here!). When Jenna and I met earlier this year to chat about sending referrals back and forth, I recognized that many of her clients are start-ups OR are established yet still fairly small, and they may not have the budget to invest in a "from the top down" visual branding experience. I also recognized that I love working with new or small business entrepreneurs and I wanted to find a way to bring my services to them. 

I decided to put together a branding package especially for clients referred through Jenna. It included the essentials of a visual brand along with my Brand Discovery and Inspiration Gathering process, to help us bring clarity and focus to our project. It was a smaller (and less expensive) package compared to my other offerings, but it still gave them beautiful, custom brand styling that I believe is necessary to help them connect with their audience and grow their business.

Enter Ms. Alyssa. She chose to go with this smaller branding package, as opposed to one of my other comprehensive branding package options. She noted that what I provided in this package was exactly what she needed to get her project off the ground and website up and running.

If you couldn't tell from the Brand Reveal, I absolutely loved our collaboration. Not only did we create something beautiful together that really speaks to her audience -- Alyssa felt we got to the core of her mission and vision during the creative process.

"Not only did Allison help me visually shape my brand...

her process and guidance helped me develop what I want my brand to be and stand for. We got to the heart of my vision for the project and I now feel fully prepared and set up with all branding aspects for my new website. I'd recommend AllieMarie Design to any other bloggers, business owners and website developers who need help getting their businesses' branding and mission off the ground."

Alyssa Guttendorf
Poised & Professional

This all got me thinking about the structure of my core branding offerings. Are they appealing to the small businesses with big hearts I love to collaborate with and help grow? Should I offer a smaller package like this to everyone... especially those wonderful, heart-centered business owners who are ready to hire a graphic designer but are worried about financially making it happen?


I sat down with my current branding packages and brainstormed. Reflected. Number crunched. Dug into the specifics and everything that goes into each package (which is a lot, let me tell you). What else could I be doing? Where could I add more value? Above all, my priority was to evaluate and ensure I'm giving my clients what they need and smoothly guiding them toward building a gorgeous, authentic, cohesive, successful brand. 

One essential change was to make clearer distinctions between packages and reach entrepreneurs with varying budgets and at different stages in their businesses... all without compromising my creative process. It's SO important to me that every visual brand I design is not only beautiful but also has depth, versatility and intention behind it. Therefore, my brand discovery and inspiration gathering phase would remain a part of all packages AND I'd continue offering not just a logo but full brand styling with elements working together in a cohesive way. Something I 110% believe in. 

So, yes, adding a small visual branding package to my public offerings was a no-brainer. But only if I could:

  1. Give small business owners a great experience and a lot of value

  2. Offer the essentials of a visual brand, yet go beyond "just a logo"

  3. Modify some package specifics to keep costs low and make it feasible for small budgets

That brings us to today!

I'm excited to share the result of all this restructuring and business soul searching... my new Branding Packages + Pricing Guide! My goal is to reach more entrepreneurs who are on a budget with my Petite Design Package and provide more value to my comprehensive packages for more established businesses and organizations.

Branding Packages + Pricing Guide for Small Businesses with Big Hearts  |  Blog post by AllieMarie Design


What you need to know about these new packages...

Small Business Owners + Heart-Centered Organizations... THESE ARE FOR YOU!

I love working with business owners and organizations that value beautiful design, holistic branding and quality marketing. But as a small business owner myself, I realize that sometimes your budget just doesn't cooperate with your hopes and dreams. That's exactly why I updated my offerings, to appeal to small businesses and organizations of various sizes, budgets and needs.


Design plays a hugely important role in the professionalism you convey when communicating to your audience. Although hiring a graphic designer is an investment and may sound a little scary, if you're feeling ready, it will do wonders for your business and bring your marketing to the next level. Not quite ready to hire a professional designer? Check out my self-paced online program, Design Spirit!)

Design matters and it's worth it... I promise!

I still offer three DIFFERENT visual branding packages, with small changes to better serve you

1. Petite Branding Package

My smallest branding package, giving you the essential elements of a visual identity...but the journey we'll go on together is anything but basic. You'll experience my full visual branding process (including brand discovery, inspiration gathering and mood board creation) and you'll walk away with custom logo and watermark designs, color and font selections, and a brand styling board.

Perfect for...

Start-ups, small businesses and non-profit organizations who are on a budget but also recognize the value of a professionally designed visual brand. Oh! And you must be ready to collaborate!

2. Grande Branding Package

My comprehensive branding package, including a full new visual identity from top to bottom plus business cards, stationery and brand launch images to help you promote your new look.

Perfect for...

Small businesses and established organizations who are in need of a brand overhaul and are ready to invest in and collaborate with a professional graphic designer.

3. Voila Branding Package

This package includes everything the Grande Branding Package offers plus a beautiful website built in Squarespace.

Perfect for...

Small businesses and established organizations who need a complete new visual identity and website, and would like to maintain the website on their own going forward (Squarespace training is included)!

New Branding Add-ons = Customization!

My new Branding Add-Ons allow you to pick and choose additional design services, based on your specific needs. A great way for you to customize your branding experience, so you walk away ready to rock 'n' roll and meet your marketing goals! Business cards, stationery, electronic PDF, menu, price sheet, social media imagery, or a custom branded marketing piece... I love helping new brands come to life in these ways!

Ready to work together?


Not quite ready to hire a designer but NEED to take your visual marketing to the next level?

Check out my online program, Design Spirit!