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After four years of feeling "off" in her business, Switzerland-based wedding planner Fabienne Joss made the decision to rebrand from the top down. Together, we developed an elegant, polished, stylish, and fun visual brand that connects with her clients and shines a light on Fabienneโ€™s friendly personality and passion for her work.

We put a different spin on the blush, gold and white color palette you often see in wedding brands, settling on hot pink, turquoise and navy, along with a gold accent. The logo is simple, elegant and fun, pairing a clean sans serif font with a bold script to create a beautiful and dynamic contrast that's easy on the eyes. The stacked logo variations and submarks give it extra flexibility and the ability to be adaptable to different environments, while the tagline is reinforced in the watermark and tagline mark (in both German and English!).

The patterns further add depth to the wedding dot's visual brand and library of branding elements and the design elements/icons reinforce the nautical theme we had in mind, referring back to the "tying the knot" part of Fabienneโ€™s tagline.

Learn more about the story behind this brand in my Brand Reveal Blog Post.

The Wedding Dot | Logo, Watermark, Tagline, Icons and Design Elements, Font Styling, Color Palette  | Elegant, Fun, Personable Branding by AllieMarie Design



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