Brand Reveal: BlueSky Imaging

I can't think of a better way to finish off a wonderful year than with a beautiful Brand Reveal. I have totally fallen in love with visual branding, and it is a pleasure to reveal my fifth and final completed brand of 2015... BlueSky Imaging!

When Tommy Hutchison contacted me about revamping BlueSky's visual brand, I was ecstatic. Earlier this year, we collaborated on a new brand for Records Management Services and we found we make a pretty great team. I knew this was going to be another fun adventure... and that it was!

BlueSky Imaging is a document imaging service in Fort Walton Beach, FL that provides offsite imaging services for quite an eclectic mix of projects and customers. Tommy was looking for a fresh, modern new look for the company that would help them revive their revenue stream and reach out to new markets. In Tommy's words, BlueSky "takes on large, complex, daunting tasks and and simplifies and smooths them." In his Branding Workbook, Tommy also wonderfully communicated what he envisioned for the mood of the new brand: "How you feel on a clear, crisp, sunny fall Saturday morning when you have lots of stuff to do but you are looking forward to it. Or, how you feel after you get your house all clean and your laundry all folded!"

BlueSky Imaging's Mood Board

BlueSky Imaging's Mood Board

This clear vision and feeling was music to this designer's ears! Keeping this in mind, we discussed different routes we could take and gathered inspiration from some stunning brands and websites... and what we assembled was this beautiful mood board to the right. We were headed toward a very graphic, modern visual brand with a subtle technical feel. The board also reflected a clean, illustrative touch that Tommy loved and wanted to experiment with throughout the brand.

As we moved forward into the logo design phase, it was important that we kept things simple, clean and inviting, while still achieving that technical feel. I think we accomplished this balance well, and it shines through in the final brand styling below. 

The typography in the logo design and submarks has a slight boxy-ness and pairs well with the unified and smooth circular elements. The color palette has a lot of depth, with the combination of the soft, muted blues and grays, and the fun red accent. I think the colors really speak to BlueSky's strong capabilities and confidence in their work.

I love the way in which the patterns and design elements bring depth and personality to the brand. They will really help their marketing come to life! The dotted line pattern brings that technical feel to the forefront, while remaining light and fun - it looks great on their print business materials! The small illustrative icons offer a more literal, visual representation of BlueSky's process and expertise. I imagine these serving them well on their website beyond.

I look forward to seeing the BlueSky brand grow and develop as it's implemented into their day-to-day business and their new Wordpress website (designed by their developer - I will post the link as soon as I hear it's ready!). Tommy and I will also be chatting about print marketing collateral, which will help reinforce his big new brands and get the word out about their services. Can't wait to team up with him again!