How Knowing Your Design Style Will Help You Elevate Your Marketing

Do you notice yourself getting all the heart eyes when you come across a perfectly curated mood board?

…the beautifully color palettes you see on Pinterest with that captivating energy?

…an Instagram feed that feels cohesive and oozes with personality (and keeps you coming back to their feed)?

…branding that reflects the heart of the business and feels connected and inspiring?

Yeah, me too.


There’s something about a clear and refined design style that attracts our eye and makes us fall in love with a brand and business.

And we all want that, right? Having that cohesiveness and consistency in your look + feel will help you gain brand recognition, build trust with your audience, and make you look oh-so-profesh.


But before you jump ahead and start throwing together a color palette, choosing fonts, or even designing a logo — or making changes to those branding elements, if you already have them in place — it’s important to pinpoint what your overall vibe will be. Deciding on an aesthetic that aligns with the personality of your business and attracts your audience.

This is one of the first steps I take in my branding process with my clients and I encourage you to do the same.

How Choosing a Design Style Will Help You Elevate Your Marketing for your Small Business  |  Plus a free design personality quiz with personalized tips to help you enhance your style  |  AllieMarie Design

How does discovering your design style help you elevate your marketing?

1. It helps you make more effective design decisions.

The design tools you use to represent your business — your colors, your fonts, your photography, etc. — all should align with the vibe of your business and with what will naturally attract your customer/clients’ eye. Because that’s the whole point, right?

Well, there should be a reason behind those design decisions you make and you should select your colors, fonts, and photography with intention. Knowing your design style will help you get laser focused on the aesthetic you’re after and give you more clarity on colors that align best with it, what fonts might be a good fit, and what kind of emotion you want to evoke with your photography.

2. It helps you be more cohesive with your marketing (KEY to brand recognition!).

We all want to be memorable in the eyes of our audience, right? We want our clients and customers to recognize us when they see one of our photos on social media, and anxious to receive our products, not only for the happy mail but because of the packaging that makes you feel special.

Part of being memorable and recognizable is being cohesive with your visuals, and getting clear on your design style is the first step in creating that cohesiveness.

3. It helps you show up as the authentic YOU (and attract the right people to your business)

I’m gonna hit you with some tough love now…

When you’re trying to be something you’re not, it shows. And… well… it just doesn’t work. People want to connect with the real you, the heart of your mission, and your “why” behind you do what you do. Knowing your design personality will help you embrace the true you and find the vibe and style that aligns with it, so you can start showing up more authentically and attracting the right people.


Okay, so now you know the importance of knowing your design style and how it can help you elevate your marketing… but where do you begin with deciding on an aesthetic?

I got you, my friend.

Take my What’s Your Design Spirit? quiz to discover your true design personality!

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