Brand Reveal: Records Management Services

Wow, has it been a crazy last month! I am a bit behind with revealing Records Management Services new brand, which launched at the end of July. But better late than never, right? 

In their 25th year of business, Records Management Services was ready for a complete brand overhaul. RMS president Tommy Hutchison wanted his business to be portrayed with a sense of security, confidence and dependability, all of which customers need to trust RMS with weighty and confidential information. At the same time, Tommy stressed - and I quickly experienced for myself as I worked with him - that RMS loves their business and it shines through in their communication with customers. "We like to be exceedingly helpful and at the same time inject a little 'fun' into the mix because most of the folks we deal with daily are under a lot of pressure - so we like to lighten their load, if possible."

Records Management Services Mood Board

Records Management Services Mood Board

Finding this balance in the design was of the utmost importance. And, at the end of the day, I really think we accomplished this!

Their mood board set the tone for a slightly industrial and technical look with a nice bright color palette. Shapes were also included, to help convey movement and depth. 

Tommy and I were both thrilled with this direction and the final logo and branding!

The brand has a great energy while maintaining strength and stability. The boxy font (Vox) and the color palette give it that slightly “techy” feel that we were going for, yet there’s a softness to it that keeps everything modern, clean and friendly. My favorite part is the movement. The italic letters and chevrons together seem to point you forward, which reflects RMS's  “look forward” attitude and the quick-paced nature of their business itself. This movement really comes alive in the print business materials, with the use of the chevrons as dynamic watermarks. I can't wait to see this effect on their vehicle wraps...

One of the best parts of a rebrand like this? The files you receive with my branding packages are ready for you to use on any marketing piece - from brochures (which I will be designing for RMS this fall!), to vehicle wraps, to name tags and beyond. What's especially exciting about wrapping up RMS's rebrand is their new custom designed website that's now in the works. After finishing our project, we passed along all their new brand files to their web developer, who now had a breadth of elements to work with and a style guide to follow to ensure brand consistency. I can't wait to see the site! I'll update this post with a link when it's live.

It was an absolute blast working with Tommy on this project. It's apparent that he loves what he does. Every email from him was like a breath of fresh air and he really did insert a unique and energy-filled 'fun' into the project. Don't you just love people like that? I look forward to working with him again!